Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Projects

These are my latest projects NXHummer and ButterMilk This is the first spot you can see them at. I will put them on NXTLog eventually. I am currently programming a turret that I built.


Stephen said...

The NXHummer is pretty neat! Can it steer and is it very powerful? How stiff is the suspension? Check out my new PF Forklift. Anyway great job on the new creations. Keep it up.

Josh said...

NXHummer can't steer. It is powered with a 40 tooth gear to the differential. The supension was the main reason I built it and it turned out great. But I couldn't get it to steer. Good job on the PF Forklift. What set did you get the PF from?


Stephen said...

Hey Josh,
I bought the Power Functions separately on LEGO.

Toa Puny said...

Hey, didn't those wheels come from a monster truck set? because I have the same exact set.

Josh said...

toa puny I got them from the 8651 Jumping Giant.

Action_puny said...

Hey josh, I was thinking, if you can send me more pictures, I may help make you post another post. The hummer is what I want to help you out with.

PS. does the six wheel truck have problems turning? because you should make it longer, like a real semi truck.