Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bug video 2

This is a shorter video of The Bug.

The Bug Video

This is a pretty long video giving you a good idea
of how fast it goes and how the program works.

The Bug

Whats that sound? I don't now but its getting closer. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a Bug look out he's coming closer. Watch out! Run! Get the raid! Kill it! Wait look its just a robot phew I thought it was real that scared me well I'm glad it was just a robotic bug not a real one. Phew.
This bug is tough and he is coming for you. So you better watch out. I got a book out of the library but it was for the old RCX kit but I wanted to build it out of NXT. This robot balances on two wheels and uses two motors to move.It was hard to take him from RCX to NXT but it was worth it. Here is a link to my project on NXTLog with more pictures.
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Book

For Christmas I got a book to help me program robots.This is the book I bought.