Monday, December 17, 2007


This is my first tank and I think I did a pretty good job on it. I built it to see if I could make a tank with the nonlego tracks I have. It can turn and drive. It has pretty good speed and does a good job climbing. It can climb a pretty steep slope and is pretty tough. The turret doesn't turn but is used to make it look more real. You need a delay in the program so you can put the turret back on after you start the program. For more pictures go to this link.®NXTThanks for looking and please comment.


This is a video of my tank called NXTracks.


This is the second video of my tank called NXTracks.


This is a video of my tank called NXTracks.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tank Joystick 2

I changed the joystick to do the same thing with the third motor on the side instead of on the handle. So now it can turn further Left and Right. I used the same base for the most part then changed the height and a couple other things. Please tell me which one you like better. Feel free to copy it just make sure that you give me credit somehow. For more pictures use this link.

Tank Joystick 1

I built this joystick to control a tank. It has three degrees of freedom. They are 1.Left-Right 2. Forward-Back and 3.Turret Left-Right. The Touch sensor can be used for firing. I only have one NXT so I can't test it on anything. The NXT brick is at an angle so you can see the display better. If like me you only have one NXT then you can program it for games. It had one problem that you couldn't turn the joystick that far right before it hit the desk. Thanks to Philoo for the part that holds the Touch sensor. Thanks for looking and please comment. For more pictures use this link.


I was inspired by my brother to build a vehicle like the Tyco Terrainiac only using the pieces from the NXT kit. But I ended up using a few pieces not in the kit that I listed further down. So this is my variation on Tyco's RC car. I hope you enjoy it as much as me and my brother. Thanks for looking and please comment. For more pictures use this link.


This is a base my brother asked me to build. It can launch a Zamor sphere and a missile. The gate can open to let the good guys out to fight. I used a variation on sqiddster's Zamor launcher. Thanks for looking and please comment on it. For more pictures use this link.


This little guy was only alive for half of a day. He was brought to life in one hour. This guy was quite active and was just plain crazy. I used one of each: Intelligent Brick, Motor and Ultrasonic Sensor. I also put some instructions. The first pic is of the front of the bot the second and third pictures are of the side fourth and on are instructions. Thanks for looking and please comment. For more pictures use this link.

Robo Assasin

This robot was built with the upper body of Alpha Rex and a variation on Tribots base. It can drive and turn. It shoots a missile. Three sensors are included. Touch, Ultra-Sonic and Light. I can't make a LDD file because it is a hybrid model (several sets)which is hard to put into LDD. I didn't program all the sensors into the robot but there are lots of possibilities. I have already taken this robot apart. Feel free to copy it just mention my name. Ask any questions you might have and please post on my project. Thanks for looking! For more pictures use this link.

Wall Tram 2

This is a long overdue follow up project inspired by the original Wall Tram that I built in June. I sadly have already destroyed it so I can't build on any extra ideas. The 2nd Tram has two decks for passengers. It also has light, touch, sound and ultrasonic sensors. It has the same basic design for the driving base as the first one. I also built a trailer that attached to the new tram. I redesigned the rails by lifting them off the ground see pix. I put a station at each end as well. I tried to make it stop at the end of the track by using the touch and ultrasonic sensors. I wasn't so successful as it would ram through the wall instead of stopping. I enjoy getting comments on my projects. Please post your thots about it and feel free to design your own. Hope you enjoy looking at it. For more pictures use this link.

Wall Tram

The wall tram was built to traverse a Lego wall. It doesn't go very fast because real trams don't go very fast. but you can change that. Two motors, six wheels and lots of pieces. You will find instructions below. This robot has been assimilated. I would love for people to comment on it.For more pictures use this link.


This is a racing game made with 3 motors and a touch sensor. The more you press the touch sensor the faster the car goes. The other car is powered by using the third motor as a generator. For more pictures use this link.

Zamor Line Follower

Zamor Line Follower all sensors and motors were used. I didn't try very hard at programming it so the program is small and doesn't include all sensors. It has been taken apart already. The range is about two feet. I didn't program it to follow a line. The touch sensor starts the program. For more pictures use this link.

Road Blocker

Road Blocker can turn, fire and inilate. For a full version use this link

Batmans Tumbler

This is my brother's and my second car and third robot. It is the first motorized Lego tumbler I've seen. Even though we only used two motors it is still a neat car. I hope this inspires you. Feel free to use some of my ideas and please comment! I will try to answer your questions. For more pictures use this link

Card Dealer

It is my second project that I made without instructions. This robot shoots out five cards turns shoots out five cards repeats twice more and goes back to where it started. You can also use a touch sensor to trigger the program. For more pictures use this link.